Best of Home, Money & Credit – Week of Sept. 6

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It’s the end of the week (finally!) and your weekly roundup is here. The most interesting articles and blog posts about your home, money, credit and life straight from the Quizzle Twitter page can be found below:

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Home & Money Saving Tips

Best High Yield Savings Accounts Rates (Bankrate)

Bargaineering’s Jim Wang compiled a list of the best savings accounts based on the interest rate you can earn on your money. He constantly updates the list so check back often to make sure your savings is in the right place.

Holiday flying will be cheaper, but book it soon (Wallet Pop)

Thanksgiving travel fares are projected to be down 22% from last year and Christmas travel fares down 17%, according to the “Fareologist” at Bing Travel. But good deals will go fast. Take advantage and book your holiday trip soon.

Save Almost $1,200 a Year Using Store Brands (Free Money Finance)

If you opt for the store brand instead of brand names at the grocery store, you could save more than $1,000 a year. And you’re usually not losing out on taste, according to Consumer Reports.

Personal Finance & Budgeting

The Five Lowest-Paying Majors (AllFinancialMatters via MSN)

If your college major’s on the list, don’t fret. You can beat the odds with these suggestions.

How to Eat Healthy on $10 a Day (Bargaineering)

Healthy food may pack a nutritious punch, but it also tends to kick you where it hurts… in the wallet. Vic Magary of GymJunkies guest posts about eating healthy on a budget.

Personal Finance for Couples – How to start the Finance Discussion with Your Significant Other? (Financial Highway)

Talking money makes some folks squirm, but it’s an important topic to chat about with your partner (and sooner rather than later). Ray from Financial Highway offers up six tips for broaching that conversation.

Real Estate & Home Value

5 Reasons You Need to Buy a House Now (Quicken Loans Mortgage News)

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“Homes are on sale,” “It’s a buyer’s market,” and “Mortgage rates are historically low” – You’ve heard the talk, but have you taken the plunge? Perhaps these five reasons will give you the incentive you need (like money back in your pocket) to buy a new home.