Best of Home, Money & Credit – Week of Nov. 8

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Happy Friday! Your Weekly Quizzler is here, chock-full of the week’s best stories about your credit, home and money links straight from the Quizzle Twitter feed:

Home & Money Saving Tips

Digitize Your Coupon Clipping (Suburban Dollar)

With the influx of coupon websites, you can now enjoy the savings of coupons without getting newspaper ink on your hand. Kathryn shares some tips on how to take advantage of coupons online.

Perfect Weddings Can Be Frugal Weddings (Quizzle Blog)

The best advice comes from personal experience. Learn some tricks about planning your wedding on the cheap from Quizzle’s own Angela Burkhart, who is currently planning her own October, 2010 wedding.

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Practical Tips for Gift Card Givers and Getters (USA Today)

Gift cards can make fantastic gifts, but not all gift cards are created equally. Before you buy, make sure you check out these pointers to make sure you – and the giftee – are getting what you paid for.

72 Ways to Save Money on Electricity without Spending a Cent (My Next Buck)

Unless you plan making the switch to candlelight, your electric bill isn’t going away. Learn how to save money on that monthly bill and do some good for the Earth while you’re at it.

Start Making Year-End Tax Moves Now and Save Big Money (Generation X Finance)

April may be five months away, but you can make smart money moves now that will save you big time when tax day rolls around.

10 Things Your Baby Doesn’t Need that Can Fund their College Education (Fiscal Geek)

When it comes to your baby, there’s a product for everything. But by forgoing a few luxuries, you could actually stash away enough money to make a dent in the kid’s college fund.

Investing Money & The Stock Market

How to Make Money in 2010: Your Investments (CNN Money, Money Magazine)

Small gains are the name of the game next year. Find out more about investing in 2010, including what to watch, the wild cards and smart plans of action.

Personal Finance & Budgeting

5 Warning Signs You Have Way Too Much Debt (Financial Methods)

If any of these five scenarios sound familiar, you may want to rethink your debt management strategy.

Procrastination: A Money Management Killer (Quizzle Blog)

Mark Twain once said, “Never put off until tomorrow what you can do the day after tomorrow.” …Except when it comes to smart money management. Don’t let your bad habits of procrastination drain your wallet.

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10 Steps to Planning Holiday Spending (Moolanomy)

There are only 48 days left in 2009, which means the end-of-the-year holidays are fast approaching. Learn how to make your holidays – and the inevitable spending – less stressful.