Quizzle Launches Unique Approach to Help Users Protect their Identities

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Identity theft jumped by 12 percent last year to affect 11.1 million Americans, according to a recent study by Javelin Strategy & Research. That’s the highest increase year over year since the survey began in 2003.

As Americans increasingly turn to the Internet as a source of information, marketplace and social hub, identity theft will likely continue to grow. The more your personal information is accessible by thieves on the Web, the more at risk you are to have your identity stolen.

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Answering the call, Quizzle announced today the launch of a new identity theft solution that will help users locate and eliminate personal information found on the Internet.

“Identity theft is not only a growing security concern, it is also a rather expensive and time consuming problem to resolve,” said Todd Albery, Quizzle CEO.

“As more and more people turn to the Internet, message boards and social media Web sites, they oftentimes inadvertently expose themselves and their information to thieves. Quizzle’s new identity theft solution will help consumers reel in that data and take control of their information before it can get into the wrong hands.”

Identity Theft Protection at Quizzle.com

When signing up for the $8 monthly service, Quizzle users will receive:

  • Constant scans for personal information including three street addresses, email addresses and phone numbers, five credit cards, and one Social Security Number.
  • Credit monitoring services to alert them of any important changes to their Experian credit report. (May be purchased separately for $3 per month.)
  • Instant email alerts when personal information is found online and instructions about how to delete the information.
  • Restoration services including a dedicated hotline and a $1 million guarantee that covers all costs, lost wages, legal defense fees and expenses should a user’s identity be compromised.

What makes Quizzle’s identity theft solution different?

  • You can manage your identity online with an easy-to-use dashboard. Instead of wondering if you’re safe, you can see your results and the history of your service.
  • The $1 million guarantee covers more than most identity theft protection services available on the market. While many services will cover lost wages and costs to hire lawyers, they don’t cover costs that you incur. With Quizzle, you’re covered.
  • The Quizzle identity theft solution is more affordable and doesn’t try to sell you “extras” you don’t need.
  • No frills. Other identity theft services provide branded features like “Wallet Lock” or “Mobile Protection,” but these are things that you can (and should) easily manage on your own without having to pay a service to do it.
  • No catches. Keeping true to the Quizzle philosophies of truth and transparency, the new identity theft tool doesn’t use free trials and gimmicks to bait you into buying.

[Free Resource: Check your free credit report and score]

When it comes to protecting your identity, Quizzle’s got you covered. Get started today!