Window Treatment Ideas for Your Home

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Window Treatments for Your Home

Window Treatments for Your Home

By: Amanda Thomas

Windows are one of the biggest elements of a home’s interior design, serving both a practical and aesthetic function. Picking the right window treatment can be a bit daunting nowadays, especially considering the huge amount of options available on the market. The wide variety can also be good news, as it means you have a greater ability to customize your window treatments so that they are completely unique. Here are a few window treatment ideas to get you started on your next window decorating project.

Know the Function

Thinking about function is important when decorating your windows. You don’t want to place long drapes on your kitchen windows, as these are likely to get stained by food and grease. Rather, you’ll want short, light fabric curtains that let in light and don’t get in the way. If you’re treating your living room windows, you might opt for a set of custom fabric shades, that provide even lighting and block out light completely when you’re, say, watching a movie and want to avoid glare.

You will also want to consider that having natural light may help reduce your dependence on electricity, so choose your blinds wisely. Having the right window coverings can also help reduce your need for running fans and AC units during the warmer months, by providing your most sun-battered windows with much needed shade.

If you’re looking to offset your electricity bills with custom window treatments, try using a budget planner, like the one at Quizzle, to help you track your initial savings as well as cash flow from month to month. Using a budgeting tool will not only help you keep your initial cost of window treatments down, but will also give you visibility to any extra money you save in energy reduction.

Go Minimalist

Minimalism is becoming one of the most popular trends in the treatment of windows, as well as all other interior design treatments in general. Rather than cluttering your window with excessive coverings, strip them away and replace them with simple shades or custom window blinds. Minimalist window treatments look great when paired with modern room designs, giving your home’s interior a clean and elegant air.

Choose the Right Colors

Terra cotta colors are very in right now, especially for living room and bedroom spaces, where comfort and warmth are a priority. Use and mix warm colors in your window treatments and it will add to this welcoming effect. Greens, blacks and golds are especially great for curtain treatments. If you’re decorating your kitchen or bathroom windows, though, it might be best to go with light colors, as they make these usually smaller spaces appear larger and roomier. If you have a particularly over-sized kitchen that you want to feel more inviting, dark window treatments work best.

Play With Texture

The texture of your window treatments is as important as their color. Try out different materials and fabrics to see what matches your home’s existing interior design. The texture of natural wood blinds, for example, adds a great warm feeling to your interior window décor. Their smoothness can also fit into a more contemporary type of design aesthetic. Rattan or bamboo blinds are currently popular in window textures.

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