4 Best Credit Cards for Travel Rewards

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Best Credit Cards for Travel Rewards

Even if you’re not a frequent jetsetter, you can still earn plenty of travel rewards by making ordinary daily purchases on specific types of credit cards. Paying your cable bill with a travel rewards credit card rather than with a standard credit or debit card can reap a lot of potential benefits, but as with any financial transaction, be sure to check out any offers before accepting them.

1. The Citi Gold/ AAdvantage World MasterCard features a number of potential travel benefits.  Not only does this card help you build plenty of frequent flyer miles with American Airlines, but there is also no annual fee to pay for the first year of card membership. Usually, this card also features excellent introductory interest rates as well as plenty of bonus miles for purchases made in the first four months of card membership.

2. The Hilton HHonors Card from American Express offers people with a stellar credit rating plenty of travel perks. The introductory interest rate of the card is usually less than three percent and the ongoing interest rate usually stands around 14 percent. Plus, this card never has an annual fee. Your purchases build points toward Hilton hotel stays; the good news with this travel rewards program is that there are no blackout dates. So you could theoretically stay in a swanky hotel free during the priciest seasons of the year.

3. Capital One MTV Visa is one of the few rewards credit cards on the market that issues accounts even to people with a limited credit history or past credit problems. While the interest rate is usually in line with this segment of the “subprime” market, the potential travel rewards plus no annual fee offer multiple benefits to people who simply can’t qualify for a Citi or American Express card. You can redeem points earned with your purchases towards several types of music-oriented excursions, including those often-coveted tickets to MTV awards shows.

4. Chase Sapphire Preferred is a pretty elite card, but offers some of the best travel rewards available. The points earned never expire and blackout dates do not apply; you can redeem earned benefits toward a wide range of airline tickets and hotel accommodations. Also, unlike the previously mentioned rewards credit cards, you can actually earn “interest points” on your banked points to further maximize your travel benefits. One potential drawback of the Chase Sapphire Preferred card is the $85 annual fee, but this is usually waived during the first year of membership. Apply Now for the Chase SapphireSM Preferred Card

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