Top Money Tips: How to Get out of Debt, Stay out of Debt and Avoid Debt Altogether

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Quizzle's Top Money Tips Weekly Roundup

Welcome to Quizzle’s Top Money Tips Roundup, where you’ll find this week’s top five most interesting, helpful and unique personal finance articles from around the Web. This week’s edition covers debt management – how to get out of debt, how to break the debt-cycle, how to avoid getting into debt in the first place and how to wrap up your year financially.

Reader Story: My Debt-Free Marriage (Get Rich Slowly)

If only more Americans dedicated themselves to becoming debt-free like Mike did in this story, our economy might be in a totally different and much-improved place. Lesson for this week’s roundup: be like Mike. Make something you really want the goal and tell yourself you can’t do or buy that something until you’re debt-free. That finishing-line incentive may be just the thing you need to get yourself out of debt once and for all.

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How to Pay off Your Debt When You Earn Peanuts (Yahoo! Shine)

It’s all fine and good if you make boatloads of cash and can pay off your debt painlessly. But what about those who are barely scraping by? Is it really possible to chip away at debt when getting food on the table is a 50/50 chance? Laurie PK offers some tips to make debt-free happen. Only, these aren’t your run-of-the-mill financial tips. They’re psychological ones. And that’s half the battle.

Are You in a Debt-Cycle? If So, It’s Time to Get Out (Christian Personal Finance)

Clearly, the theme of the week is debt management: how to get out, stay out and avoid it altogether. This article talks about debt-cycles, or patterns of debt that seemingly never end. Find out what you can do to break the debt cycle so you can live happily ever after… debt-free.

Get through the Holidays without Racking up Debt (Moolanomy)

It’s difficult to fathom why some Americans, year after year, sacrifice financial stability for burdensome debt just so they can buy family and loved ones gifts they’ll most likely forget about by next Christmas. There’s no caring and responsible family on Earth that would choose material possessions over a family member’s well-being, which includes your financial well-being. This year, be more conscientious with your money. Go in with a plan and stick with it. That way, you can enjoy happy holidays without the debt.

End the Year Financially Fit: 5 Items for Your December Checklist (Personal Dividends)

As many project management professionals know, the secret to tackling a big project is dividing it up into smaller, more easily attainable chunks. Same goes with your finances. Personal Dividends creates monthly money checklists so you have just a few simple to dos each month, getting you ever closer to your financial goals.

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