5 Ways to Save Money at the Movies

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How to Save Money at the Movie Theater

There are few things more fun than going to the movies for a showing of the hottest new film, bucket of popcorn in your lap and cold soda at your side. There are also few things more expensive than a night at the movies. Nowadays, a ticket can cost you upwards of 10 bucks a pop, and that’s before you even get to the concession stand, where you’re sure to drop another 20 big ones. Don’t let the hefty price tag keep you from enjoying the latest flick. Follow these simple steps and you’ll find you can save money doing the things you love:

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Become a rewards member.

Most movie theaters have rewards programs that help you earn free movie tickets, popcorn and drinks. The programs are totally free and once you sign up, you’ll start earning rewards immediately. At AMC Movie Theatres, for example, you’ll earn two points for every ticket purchased. Then, after you earn 10 points, you get a free small popcorn and just 30 points gets you a free ticket!  Likewise, at Regal Movie Theaters, you’ll earn one credit for every dollar spent. Then, after you earn 50 points, you get a free small popcorn and 150 gets you a free ticket! Check in with your local theater to see what programs they offer and start getting rewarded for all that hard-earned money you’ve been spending on tickets.


Know your theater’s discount times.

Nearly all movie theaters have special discount nights or ticket prices for senior citizens, students and children. And some theaters even have special prices on tickets if you go during the day. At AMC, if you see a movie before noon, it’s only $6! Be sure to check your local theater’s schedule to find out when you can save the most.


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Purchase discounted gift cards.

One of the best ways to save on movie tickets is to purchase discounted gift cards in advance. Before you even step foot into the theater, you’re already saving money. Sites like Cardpool.com offer savings of up to 20 percent off most major theaters. Even if you just buy a $50 gift certificate, at 20 percent off that’s like getting one free ticket – or two if you go to an early movie. You can also score tickets for less than $5 by purchasing multiple tickets at a time from sites like BargainMovieTickets.com or from discount warehouses like CostCo and Sam’s Club.

Attend free movie screenings.

How would you like to pay $0 to go see that latest movie? How’d you like to see it before the general public even has the chance? Check out sites like FilmMetro.com and Gofobo.com, which offer free movie screenings in a variety of cities.  Sometimes it’s as simple as signing up and other times you’ll have to enter a contest. Either way, it’s a free movie!


Use social media for movie rewards.

If you’re already addicted to Twitter and Facebook, why not save some money off your favorite social networking sites while you’re at it?  If you follow companies like @Fandango on Twitter, you’ll be the first to know about the latest contests that award winners with free movie passes. If you prefer Facebook, become a fan of theaters like Studio Movie Grill, where you can enter their frequent contests to win free movie tickets.

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