4 Ways to Save Money at the Spa

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How to Save Money at the Spa

In the worst recession our country has seen in decades, the idea of spending a day getting pampered at an expensive spa is almost laughable. But what about taking an hour or two to relax for the same price as dinner and a movie? Armed with the right tools, indulging has never been easier. Let’s take a look:

SpaFinder.com is Your Friend. Not only does the website boast its own unique deals to thousands of spas around the globe, but they also sell gift certificates, which you can frequently buy at discounted prices. The spa-friendly site regularly runs promotions offering 10 to 50 percent off gift certificates, all of which can be redeemed at any of their 5,000 plus participating spas. In fact, use the code ALIST today and receive 10 percent off your next purchase. And if you sign up to become a member of the site’s Spa Club, you can get exclusive spa deals and rewards, not to mention free gift certificates! A similar site is Spawish.com.

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Become a Member. Like many businesses, spas have found that when they reward their customers for their loyalty, people keep comin’ back. Hiatus Spa in Dallas, TX offers a monthly membership, called H-Circle, that helps customers save at least 50 percent off every service just for being a member. Other popular memberships can be found at Massage Envy and Facelogic. If your favorite spa doesn’t offer a membership, check out their series packages. Most spas usually have some sort of deal where if you buy a certain number of services, you get one free. It may cost you more money up front, but you’ll save a lot more in the end. And don’t forget to ask about their other specials, as well. You can often save money by coming during non-peak hours or selecting one of their monthly special treatments instead.

Sign up. While you should definitely sign up for newsletters and/or email blasts at your favorite spas, don’t forget to check out group buying sites and other email subscription services that offer steep discounts at hundreds of spas and salons in your area. Similar to using SpaFinder gift certificates, you can start out your service by saving up to 90 percent off, right from the get-go. Not a bad way to start.

Go Back to School. Many beauty schools and salons offer discounted prices on services performed by trainees. A win-win situation, as students are able to get hands on training while customers score a great deal! Don’t worry, your service will be fully supervised and most students are in their final stages of training. But be careful about going to schools for high-tech treatments like laser hair removal or potent peels. You may want to leave it to the experts for those services.

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A day of pampering may not be that far away, after all!

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