9 Gadgets that Will Save You Money

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Save Money with these 9 Gadgets

Who doesn’t enjoy purchasing a new gadget? But we often forgo the fun because it doesn’t seem like the sensible thing to do. Well, with these gizmos, you’ll actually be saving money with the investment and still get a new toy to boot!

Filtered Water Bottle

Cost: $ 50 – 75 for bottle and filter refills

According to the Earth Policy Institute, bottled water is often not healthier than tap water but can cost up to 10,000 times more. Drinking one bottle a day? You’re likely spending over $300 annually. Save yourself the cash and insure safe drinking water by investing in a reusable filtered water bottle.

SodaSteam Fountain Jet
Cost: $100

Addicted to soda?  Make your own at home for a fraction of the price. Flavored soda will run you about 25 cents per 12 ounces, plus you can have fun making your own special concoctions!

Programmable Thermostats

Cost: $40 – 50

Take control of your electric bill by investing in a programmable thermostat. Don’t waste your money heating or cooling your home when no one’s even there. These thermostats automatically adjust things according to your needs, but you can also adjust them manually if you need a little adjustment on a particularly cold night or a scorching hot day.

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Efficient Shower Head

Cost: $10 – 20

Many people don’t invest in more efficient shower heads because they assume that they will sacrifice water pressure in the process. But that’s not the case. You can invest in a high-pressure, low-GPM shower head, such as Alsons 652 C, to enjoy your shower while still saving on your next water bill.

Smart Power Strips

Cost: $25 – 35

Put a stake in “vampire power,” the energy that is used by devices such as your computer, TV, or microwave, even though they are turned off. How much are they costing you in a year? Calculate for yourself on VampirePowerSucks.com. Then consider investing in smart power strips that stop the flow of electricity to devices that are already fully charged or turned off.

Battery Charger

Cost: $ 20 – 40 for batteries and charger

If you find yourself constantly purchasing AA batteries for personal electronic devices, this gadget will be worth the investment. Reusable batteries can last through 500 to 1000 charges, so even though rechargeable batteries cost roughly double the price of disposable batteries, it’s easy to make up the difference as well as the cost of the charger.

Solar Outdoor Lighting

Cost: $10 – 20

After a one-time upfront investment, you’ll be lighting your backyard for free! These lights recharge during the day, so you can enjoy your outdoor space at night. Plus, many of them have very attractive designs that will complement your patio’s design.


Cost: $399 & Up

If it’s time to invest in a new computer, consider going portable. Laptops use about five times less energy than the average desktop computer. You’ll save even more dough if you regularly charge your laptop at your local café or library.

Residential Windmill
Cost: $8,500

Okay, it’s a bit extreme, but this personal windmill from SkyStream, which looks like a high-tech antenna, can save you money if you live in your house for over 8 years. On a windy day, it provides you electricity, and when there’s no wind blowing, the system will automatically fall back to your normal utility provider. You won’t even notice a difference, but you will have the coolest gadget on the block!

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