5 Ways to Save Money on Event Tickets

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How to Save Money on Entertainment Events

Are you tired of spending every Friday night at the movies? Or worse, on your couch? We understand. Going out can be pricey and not everyone can afford outrageously overpriced concert tickets, not to mention the price of food and drink once you’re in. But with these savvy tips, you can kiss your sofa goodbye and say hello to fun nights spent laughing at your favorite comedian, singing along to your favorite band and cheering on the Falcons (or your sports team of choice). See for yourself:

Shop Around. What Kayak did for airline tickets, Seatgeek.com has done for events. Seatgeek is a search engine-style ticket aggregator that also provides ticket price forecasts to identify the best deals on the market and predict how ticket prices will move over time. So don’t just buy the first tickets you see on Ticket Master. Look around, comparison shop and do your homework. You’ll see significant savings once you do.

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Buy Discounted Tickets. You go to Cardpool.com when you want to buy discounted gift cards to your favorite retailers or restaurants, and now, you’ll go to Goldstar.com to get discount tickets to shows, classes and events. Goldstar works directly with more than 4,000 venues across the country, providing at least 900 discounted events every day. Since not every show sells out, venues list events with Goldstar, instead of letting seats go empty. Subscribe to your city’s event feed and be notified of upcoming shows to receive a discount of around 50 percent off.

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Attend festivals. If you’re a music fan, then you’ve no doubt heard of Bonnaroo or South by Southwest. These music festivals generally have hundreds of bands in one spot for several days at a time, providing an amazing price on a music-per-dollar basis. Check out Festivalfinder.com to find the best festivals in your area and get ready for a rockin’ weekend.

Procrastinate. Yes, you heard us right. Wait to buy your tickets until you get to the venue to avoid service fees and “convenience charges” (who that charge is conveniencing, we’re not really sure). If you’re worried the show might sell out, this might not be your best bet, but if you can be flexible, you can find some great savings.

Also, keep an eye open for rush tickets. Call the box office a couple hours before show time and find out if there are any tickets left for that night’s performance. You can usually get tickets for half the price of the regular ticket. Ca-ching!


Subscribe. Season passes are 10 to 35 percent lower than individual tickets, so if you know in advance that you’ll be attending regularly, subscriptions are a great way to save. Contact your local venue and find out what kind of subscription programs they offer.

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