4 Ways to Save Money on Prescriptions

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You leave the doctor’s office, call in your prescription at your local CVS and pick it up within the hour. No coupons. No drug comparison discussions with your doctor or pharmacist. Just a quick in and out is all you’re looking for. Sound familiar? Too often, Americans take the easy way out when it comes to their prescriptions assuming that whatever the doctor prescribed is the only option. Not so! In fact, there are usually dozens of options for every prescription and with 15 extra minutes spent discussing your alternatives and comparison shopping, your medical bills could be cut in half! Or even more. Check it out:

Go generic.

This may sound obvious, but people often have negative thoughts when they hear generic.  But, according to Consumer Reports, “Generics are every bit as pure, potent, and safe as brands. They aren’t like “generic” cereal, soap, or canned goods — where the brand is indeed usually a better product. The Food and Drug Administration regulates generic drugs just as it does brands, and all generics, by law, must have exactly the same active chemicals as the brands they copy. You’ll get the same medical benefit” from a generic pill that you would a brand name. What’s more? Almost all common conditions — high cholesterol, depression, allergies and diabetes — have generics available and usually at half the price of their brand name counterparts!

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Many local pharmacies have even started generic prescription programs. Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, Kroger and Target all have generic drugs (usually more than 300) for $4, while Walgreens, RiteAid and ShopRite offer 90-day supplies of more than 300 generics for $9.99 to $15.99.  If you need an extra incentive, most pharmacies will now give you up to $30 store credit when you transfer your prescriptions to them. Talk about savings!

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Order online or mail order.

When you shop online, you open up a whole new word of savings. Many websites, like Drugstore.com, now have price-match guarantees so you’ll be sure to get the lowest price.  Most online pharmacies provide free shipping for all prescription orders, as well, and some even let you pick them up at your local pharmacy for the times when you need your meds faster.  Plus, when you use Ebates.com to earn cash back and Couponcabin.com for promotion codes, you can multiply your savings exponentially.

Talk to your pharmacist and doctor.

Often times, doctors prescribe one medicine when there are dozens of other options. Of course, you’ll never know what those other, less-expensive options are if you don’t ask.  Talk with your doctor about switching to a generic or a more wallet-friendly drug, and even double check with your pharmacist to make sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck.

Check the website.

Always be sure to visit the manufacturer’s website before picking up your prescription. Companies will often put up coupons on their website for free samples, discounted prices or several months free. Plus, you can learn more about your drug and the side effects, uses and directions.

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