3 Reasons to Buy Coupons on eBay

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Save Money with Coupons from eBay

Save Money with Coupons from eBay

The idea of paying for a coupon may sound like an oxymoron, but fortunately, it’s one of the smartest shopping decisions consumers can make. And with eBay, it’s also one of the easiest ways to save money. A typical stack of 20 coupons sells on eBay for about $1 to $2. That’s quite a deal!

Remember, it’s not the coupons you’re paying for – it’s the professional service the clipper is providing. Paying for the actual coupons is illegal, so that’s why you’ll often see sellers say something like, “You are bidding on my cost of shipping and time to collect, clip and list coupons. The coupons themselves are free.”

Here are three great reasons you should be buying coupons on eBay:

Get only what you want.

Often times, there are only a handful of coupons you actually want to use from the Sunday insert. Or sometimes, the coupon you want isn’t even in the insert at all, though it may be in an insert in a different state, which you can buy on eBay and use in your home state. When you buy coupons on eBay, you can simply use the search tool and type in “[product or retailer] coupon” (e.g. “Shick coupon”) to find exactly what you’re looking for. No hassle, no clipping, no unnecessary coupons.

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Get multiple coupons.

If the thought of extreme couponing – like dumpster diving or harassing your neighbors for their Sunday inserts – sounds less than appealing, there aren’t too many other options when it comes to finding multiple coupons. But, eBay is one of them. Whether you buy whole inserts or a stack of 20 coupons offering $1 off Crest Toothpaste, you’ll be able to collect a large stack of coupons, resulting in maximum savings!

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Save money and time.

Searching for deals, then clipping and organizing coupons can take hours – even days – if you’re really extreme. And subscribing to multiple newspapers or buying multiple inserts (even at the dollar store) isn’t exactly cheap. But when you pay someone else to do the clipping for you, you save time in addition to money. Who would say no to that?

Although eBay is a great way to maximize your savings, be sure to pay attention to the fine print, shipping costs and expiration date. Even better if you can buy from a “Top Rated Seller.” Happy shopping!

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