How to Save Money at Walgreens

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How to Save Money at Walgreens

How to Save Money at Walgreens

If you’ve been following along here at the Quizzle Wire, you know we’ve been analyzing coupon policies and saving strategies at some of the nation’s leading retailers. First up was how to save money at CVS and Kroger. Now it’s time to look at Walgreens, the largest drugstore chain in the United States with more than 8,100 stores. Here’s what you need to know about Walgreens before shopping:

Sales Cycle: Walgreens sales cycles run Sunday through Saturday, meaning that the advertised sale prices change on Sunday. Walgreens also includes coupons right in their weekly ad, which can be used in conjunction with manufacturer coupons. In addition to weekly deals, Walgreens also offers monthly deals in their monthly coupon booklet and Register Rewards coupons.

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Rewards Program: While Walgreens doesn’t have a loyalty card, it does offer Register Rewards (RRs), which are good for cash off of your next purchase. RRs are printed at the end of your cash register receipt, like Catalinas, and RR deals are advertised in Walgreen’s weekly ad.

When using Register Rewards, keep in mind that if you buy two different items that will result in a RR, you will get one reward for each different product you have. BUT, if you buy two of the same item, you will only received one Register Reward. To get two RRs for two of the same item, you must purchase the items in separate transactions.

Also important to note: You cannot “roll” RRs, meaning you cannot use a Register Reward to pay for the same item in a subsequent transaction and receive an additional RR. But, there is a loophole. If you find two different products that trigger the same value Register Reward, you can alternate buying those items in separate transactions, paying for the second transaction with the first register reward, and so on.

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Coupon Policy: Now that we’re familiar with RRs, let’s look at Walgreens’ coupon policy.

  • Walgreens accepts the following types of coupons: Walgreens store coupons, manufacturer coupons, Internet printable coupons and Register Rewards. Walgreens does not accept competitor coupons and will not match competitor prices.
  • Walgreens allows you to “stack” one manufacturer coupon and one store coupon per item. You can then use RRs in addition to these coupons, but in the event that any item’s selling price is less than the value of the coupon, Walgreens will only accept the coupon in exchange for the selling price of the item. Coupon redemption can never exceed the selling price of an item.
  • For promotional “Buy One, Get One Free” (BOGO) sales (where the sale is in-store at Walgreens, not initiated through a coupon), you may use two manufacturer’s coupons toward the purchase or another manufacturer’s BOGO coupon, resulting in two free items, as long as the final price doesn’t go below zero.
  • Walgreens does not offer overage, meaning it will never pay you to take the item out of the store. So if the coupon value exceeds the purchase price of an item, the cashier will adjust the price of the item to match the coupon amount.
  • Walgreens does not double or triple coupons.
  • All Internet printable coupons must have a bar code.

Extras: At Walgreens, you must have at least as many items as you have coupons. So, if you are buying one item, and you have one manufacturer coupon and one Register Reward, you will need to add a “filler” item. This applies to all coupons. Look for a clearance item, pack of gum, individual caramel or Sunday newspaper to add as a filler item – something less than $0.50 is ideal.

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Final Tip: There’s some debate about the best order to use your coupons. The general consensus, however, is to apply your Register Rewards first, followed by Walgreens store coupons and finally manufacturer coupons.

Use the Walgreens Store Locator to see where the nearest Walgreens store is in your area and start saving!

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