How to Save Money at Rite Aid

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How to Save Money at Rite Aid

How to Save Money at Rite Aid

Over the last five weeks, we’ve been talking about how to maximize savings at five of the nation’s largest retailers. And with so much positive feedback from you, loyal readers, we’ve decided to expand the five-part series!

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So far, we’ve covered shopping strategies to save money at CVS, Kroger, Walgreens, Target and Safeway. Now, we’re moving on to Rite Aid, the largest drugstore chain on the East Coast and the third largest drugstore chain in the United States. Here’s what you need to know about Rite Aid before shopping:

Sales Cycle: Rite Aid’s sales cycles run Sunday through Saturday, meaning that advertised sales prices change on Sunday. In addition to weekly deals, Rite Aid also offers unadvertised specials that can be found online.

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Rewards Program: One of the many benefits of shopping at Rite Aid is the wide variety of savings programs. First, there’s the loyalty card program, known as Wellness+ Rewards. Then, there’s +Up Rewards and Single Check Rebates (SCR). And finally, Rite Aid offers Video Values. Let’s take a look at each program:

Wellness+ Rewards: Members of this program will receive 10 percent off Rite Aid Brand products everyday online, in addition to members-only pricing. Plus, you earn reward points every time you shop (one point for every dollar spent on non-prescription purchases and 25 points for every prescription purchase). After you accrue 125 points, you’ll get a one-time 10 percent off shopping pass. And 500 points will get you 10 percent all all non-prescription purchases everyday. As a member, you’ll also receive up to 20 percent off non-prescription purchases, and member-only offers, discounts and coupons. You can register online to get started today.

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+Up Rewards: +Up Rewards, which are coupons that print with your receipt, can be used for any non-prescription purchase unless otherwise stated. Multiple +Up coupons can be used for up to the amount of purchase before sales tax. You don’t need a loyalty card to take advantage of +Up Rewards.

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Single Check Rebates (SCR): Like many of the stores we’ve discussed, Rite Aid has a rebate system for shoppers. But instead of mailing in a rebate for each item and receiving multiple checks, Rite Aid sends you ONE monthly check for the total of all your rebates purchased during that month. One major bonus of this system is that you won’t have to cut any UPCs or keep track of rebate forms. Simply join the SCR program online and enter your receipts each month. To make things easier, Rite Aid issues a SCR book with each offer in it for that cycle.

Video Values: These coupons can be printed from your computer after you watch a video online. To get the video values coupons, you must register for an account using Ad Perk. The video values can be watched each month and the coupons are good thru the following month. You can use each coupon once per Wellness card and combine them with a manufacturer’s coupon on the same item.

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Coupon Policy: Now that we’re familiar with the various rewards programs, let’s look at Rite Aid’s coupon policy.

  • Rite Aid accepts the following types of coupons: Internet printable coupons, Rite Aid coupons, manufacturer’s coupons and Single Check Rebates. You may use Rite Aid coupons starting with #48 and #49, plus a manufacturer’s coupon, per item. Rite Aid does not accept competitor coupons and will not match competitor prices. Read the complete policy here.
  • For promotional “Buy One, Get One Free” (BOGO) sales, Rite Aid will accept two coupons, resulting in two free items. The cash register will compute any sales tax due, which varies by state law.
  • Rite Aid does not offer “overage,” meaning it will never pay you to take an item out of the store. So if the coupon value exceeds the purchase price of an item, the cashier will adjust the price of the item to match the coupon amount.
  • Rite Aid does not double or triple coupons.
  • Rite Aid offers rain checks when the store is out of an item that is on sale. They will even honor participating SCR purchases. Rain checks must be used within 30 days of issuance to purchase the product on rebate and qualify for the rebate.

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Use the Rite Aid Store Locator to find a Rite Aid near you.

Whether you’re a money-saving expert or couponing newbie, you can learn new ways to save money at, including how to lower your monthly mortgage payment and improve your credit for the best deals on life’s largest purchases.

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