Money-Saving Apps: Key Ring Reward Cards

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Save Money with the Key Ring App

Save Money with the Key Ring App

We’re kicking off a new series here at the Quizzle Wire, which takes a look at the best wallet-friendly mobile apps that will help you save money, time and your sanity. First up is an app called “Key Ring.” Let’s take a closer look:

App Name: Key Ring Reward Cards

Works on: iPhone (3G+), Android, Windows Phone 7 and Blackberry devices

Price: FREE

Tagline: The app that “brings ’em all together

Why you should download it: Key Ring allows you to catalog all of your rewards cards and membership cards at your favorite retailers – from grocery stores to movie theaters – therefore eliminating the need to carry dozens of cards with you everywhere you go. No more ten pound wallets!

You can even upload coupons to your card through the app, in addition to receiving exclusive special offers from retailers sent directly to your phone. Simply select the coupons you want to use before you go shopping and the discounts will be automatically applied to your order at the checkout counter.

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Don’t see your favorite retailer on the Key Ring list? Just type the name of the store into the app, enter your loyalty membership number, and the app will create a new entry for you. You’ll also have access to the retailer’s website, 800-number and store locator.

What’s more? Key Ring has an prescription savings program that will save you between 10 and 75 percent off FDA-approved prescription drugs, even if you already have insurance (the greater of the discounts will be applied).

Key Ring FeaturesStore Your Rewards Cards on Key Ring

How it Works: Simply take a picture of your rewards or membership card’s barcode using your Smartphone and the app will convert it to an image that cashiers can scan at checkout. If there’s any problem with the barcode, the app provides the account number for cashiers to type in manually instead.

Noteworthy: Key Ring won first place in mobile commerce and “Best Online Pick” at the 2011 CTIA Emerging Technology Awards.

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