Quizzle Weekly Must-Reads: April 13, 2012

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Economic News that Affects Your Budget:

  • More foreclosures coming soon: Lenders are sitting on a backlog of over 1 million home foreclosures that have been delayed due to regulatory hiccups and paperwork problems, but those foreclosures are expected to start soon. This means that housing prices could fall further, since more foreclosed homes will be added to the housing market.
  • Gas prices may fall: Oil industry analysts say that the global supply of crude oil (which makes up 70% of the price of gas) might be sufficient to avoid any further run-ups in gas prices. This is good news for consumers who have been paying big money at the pump.
  • Tax Day 2012 is April 17: Usually the deadline to file taxes is April 15, but since April 15 falls on a Sunday this year, and since April 16 is Emancipation Day (a holiday observed in Washington, D.C. to commemorate the freeing of the slaves), the 2012 tax deadline for filing tax returns is Tuesday, April 17.


Quizzle Links of the Week:

  • Win $100 and a year of free credit monitoring from Quizzle! We’re hosting a contest! Learn more about how you can win $100 and a year of increased peace of mind about your credit.
  • Dating and Money: It’s all about honesty. If you’re getting into a serious dating relationship, make sure you can be open and honest about your financial lives as well. If you’re thinking of moving in together, getting married and starting a life together, you need to know where each of you stands with money.
  • Talk to your kids about money: Many teenagers aren’t getting the information and financial advice that they need to make smart financial decisions. Here’s how you can talk with your kids about money.
  • Is getting a tax refund a bad thing? Many Americans look forward to their annual tax refund, but surprisingly enough, getting a check from Uncle Sam may not be the best financial move.