Defend Yourself at All Times and K.O. Bad Credit

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The boxing world was shocked Saturday night when a controversial split decision handed Timothy Bradley victory over Manny Pacquiao. For a good many who witnessed the fight, Pacquiao—unbeaten over seven years and acclaimed as among the sport’s all-time best—did enough to prove himself the winner. So, once more, the sweet science finds itself subjected to derisive comments from fans and allegations of—if not outright corruption—at least questionable judgment, literally, from critics.

The Las Vegas crowd booed its disapproval, ringside analysts and pundits voiced their displeasure, even the fight’s promoter, Bob Arum, said candidly, “I’m going to make a lot of money on the rematch, but this was outrageous.” While furor over a result certainly isn’t new to boxing—the sport is perpetually marred by accusations of official chicanery—there always seems to be visceral surprise with a controversial decision.

Maybe it’s the sport’s brutality; you watch two guys beat the tar out of each other for 12 rounds, you figure they’re at least owed an honest adjudication. Or maybe it’s the unsanitary nature of boxing (and the non-combatants who seem to profit from it most), clashing with our modern notions of a basically fair, basically safe, child-proofed world. But whatever the reason, despite their experiences, boxing fans are always left stunned, mouths agape, when somebody looks to have gotten robbed in the ring.

I imagine that same dumbfounded look crosses some peoples’ faces when they check in on their credit score after going through a few rough financial rounds. They, too, probably feel cheated on the scorecards; yet another Honest Joe from Palookaville taken in a rigged game. Sure, they thought, maybe they were down on points, but they had no idea how close they were to getting beaten on a TKO by bad credit.

Like boxing, three credit bureau ‘judges’ determine your scores—Experian, TransUnion, and Equifax—and their cards aren’t always identical. Sometimes, you may even wonder if a particular judge was watching the same fight you were. But fortunately, you have one advantage Manny Pacquiao didn’t have inSinCity: you have Quizzle in your corner.

With Quizzle’s free credit scores and reports, you’re able to check not only each judge’s scorecard during (not after) the fight, you also learn what goes into their decision-making process. Your credit scores give you the numbers, and your credit reports reveal what’s helping or hurting your numbers with each judge. You see what they see and know where you stand.

Further, as the Pacquiao-Bradley fight shows, judges aren’t omnipotent; they’re more than capable of making mistakes. Maybe one judge saw you take a phantom shot to the breadbasket that your opponent—bad credit—didn’t really land. Research shows mistakes on credit reports are alarmingly common. Unlike Manny Pacquiao, with Quizzle, you can dispute those mistakes and safeguard your score.

Now, fortunately for him, Manny probably has one option you don’t: a rematch. With credit, you won’t have that luxury. You’ll have to “train up” to go the distance with a lifetime of solid payment history, appropriate debt-to-credit ratio, and sound money habits. Thankfully, we Quizzologists stand ready to help along the way with time-honored tidbits of wisdom as you embark on your own Rocky-style financial training montage.

So, while you can’t expect justice in the squared circle, you can count on Quizzle to keep things fair in the Main Event of your personal finances. That way, you’ll always have a puncher’s chance to live the life you want. Now get up…! ‘Cuz Quizzle loves ya’! (Though we do respectfully ask that you carry your own spit bucket.)