Stay on the Straight and Narrow

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Much to the delight of ABC television execs, daredevil Nik Wallenda’s crossing of Niagara Falls by tightrope Friday was a certified ratings triumph. According to Nielsen, the spectacle nabbed the network approximately 13.1 million viewers in the final hour of a three hour broadcast, (much of it spent leading up to the death-defying stunt). According to ABC’s own stats, that’s a five-year high-water mark for Friday programming, which typically slumps in summer.

Those numbers make sense. As spectators, we thrill to the prospect of watching another risk life and limb to perform feats of derring-do. There’s even a nostalgic element of the ‘old-timey’ involved, isn’t there? Most documented efforts to “conquer the falls” in some form or fashion reach us on black and white film or in yellowed newspaper clippings. By contrast, these proceedings came in full Technicolor(!) for the benefit of 21st Century Ooooh-ers and Aaaah-ers.

Speaking of nostalgia, I can remember my own visit to Niagara when I was seven or eight. There were little stands equipped with miniature printing presses where you could pay to document your own Niagara-related exploits in mock-newspaper format. You had a few options; for those interested, you could falsely brag about going over the falls in a barrel. I, however, chose a different false heroism by “challenging” Hulk Hogan for the WWF belt, (to date myself, yes, it was the pre-WWE era. And by the way, I’m still waiting for your response Hogan!)

But what will your headline read?

All this talk of walking tightropes has me thinking about credit scores. You see, lots of people take the Wile E. Coyote Super Genius approach to their personal finances: they just don’t look down. Some part of them is almost afraid to know what their score really is. While there’s some cartoonish logic to that strategy—after all, the hapless coyote almost makes it until he invariably violates his own rule—it doesn’t make a lot of sense for we human beings.

For you see, we non-Super Genius human beings have the advantage of Quizzle when trying to bridge the chasm between ourselves and financial security. We needn’t rush blindly over a precipice when we see something we want. We can, instead, discover the exact depths of our challenges and our distance to safe landings and accordingly marshal our efforts—much more like Nik Wallenda than good ole’ Wile E.

Rather than “don’t look down”, with your free credit reports and scores, Quizzle can tell you whether you’re on solid ground or if you should reach for that trusty, Acme-brand parachute (assuming a malevolent Roadrunner hasn’t swapped the chute for an anvil.) The point is: there are right ways and wrong ways to do difficult things, and Quizzle exists to help you choose the right ways—no offense to Looney Tunes.

The crossing of Niagara Falls on a tightrope seems terrifyingly simple enough, but in fact, it was undertaken with a great amount of preparation and due diligence before it was attempted. Applying for a loan to buy your dream house can be similarly unnerving as you wonder whether or not you’ll make it. But thanks to Quizzle, even if you sometimes feel like you’re working without a net, you’ll always know how to keep on the straight…and exceedingly narrow.