Quizzle Weekly Must Reads: July 1, 2012

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Economic News that Affects Your Budget:

Obamacare lives! Owing to an unexpected vote by the Chief Justice, President Obama’s Affordable Care Act was upheld as constitutional by the Supreme Court. Who could this help? This analysis may surprise you.

Europe takes action: Global markets rallied to a far-reaching brace of reforms offered by EU leaders. Included in the plan: bailouts for troubled governments, eased borrowing terms for Italy and Spain, and greater centralization of budgets and banking systems.

10 dead and millions without power: Virginia, West Virginia, and Ohio declare states of emergency after a spate of powerful storms left millions without electricity—just in time for a potentially deadly heat wave.

‘Top Cop’ won’t be prosecuted: After being found in contempt of congress, embattled Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department unsurprisingly defends its own boss, with the Deputy AG saying the matter won’t be brought before a grand jury.

Quizzle Links of the Week:

An unflattering comparison: The Quizzle blog compares a private sector-driven oil boom in North Dakota with taxpayer-funded stimulus bill efforts to bolster solar and wind energy. How do they measure up?

Finance lessons from an Invisible Man: Quizzologists don their crushed-velvet smoking jackets and saunter into the study (which smells of rich mahogany, incidentally) to ponder what Ralph Ellison’s novel can teach us about money matters.

And continuing on the high art theme…The blog examines the wisdom of going ‘all-in’ on the international art market as an investment strategy. Spoiler alert: we wouldn’t advise it!

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