Quizzle Weekly Must Reads: July 15, 2012

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Economic News that Affects Your Budget:

Nevermind the economy, stupid, the gloves are off! As America grapples with joblessness and signs of slowing growth, the 2012 campaign diverts from the tax issue for some blood-sport, this time featuring the word “felony”!

No es bueno? The Dept. of Agriculture is forced to scrap an outreach program aimed at Latinos, exhorting the benefits of food stamps—including to people who say they don’t need them—using Spanish-language soap operas.

“Whose streets? Our streets!” Occupy protestors clash with police in Los Angeles; what starts as a demonstration for sidewalk chalk-drawing turns violent and ends up with batons, broken bottles, and blood.

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Made in the good, ole’ PRC: Controversy erupts after its discovered American Olympic athletes in London will be wearing Ralph Lauren-designed uniforms that are made in communist China.

Quizzle Links of the Week:

Will the real Uncle Pennybags please stand up? Quizzologists examine the president’s tax plan and ask our readers, just who are the rich and do you feel they’re paying their “fair share”?

The damage done by a missed mortgage payment: With money tight in so many American households, it’s easy to make a costly mistake: missing a payment on your house note. The Quizzle blog looks at what to expect for your credit rating.

Amazing American Super Teens, assemble! A young man in Florida responds with true grit after he loses his right arm to the jaws of an almost 11-foot-long alligator.

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Why are we working so hard again? Quizzologists analyze a recent study that shows the more education you receive and money you earn, the less time you’ll likely spend on leisure activities.