Credit Guide: Credit Score Facts, Fictions, and Secrets

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How to Improve Your Credit Score - the Good, the Bad, the Ugly

How to Improve Your Credit Score - the Good, the Bad, the UglyCan checking my own credit score actually hurt the score itself? If I’ve paid in cash my whole life, not credit, and I have almost no debt—my credit score should be great, right?

Contrary to what you may have heard, the answer to both questions is: no, not necessarily.

There’s a lot of incomplete or even outright incorrect information about credit out there. As the old saying goes, “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing”, and a lot of self-declared credit experts—online or otherwise—have had a hand in further confusing an already multifaceted topic.

Thankfully, there’s Quizzle—we’ll sort it all out for you, so that “credit tip” you heard…somewhere…doesn’t result in you getting burned. We’ll separate fact from fiction when it comes to your credit reports and scores, and let you in on some of the lesser known trade secrets of the credit industry.

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