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While you eat your breakfast this morning, or make your way to work, 350 million miles away the U.S. is beginning an unprecedented scientific mission to discover the possibility of former and current life on the red planet.

NASA’s modern day accomplishments are met with less than fanfare their 1969 moon landing, but our subdued celebration belies the significance of Curiosity’s landing on Mars. The one ton, Mini-Cooper sized, wheeled science lab touched down gently at 1:30 am eastern standard time to the much deserved jubilation of the scientists and engineers working at the Jet Propulsion lab in Pasadena.

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A Victory for NASA – A Reminder to Americans
Beleaguered and still reeling from the abandonment of the space shuttle program, NASA was in need of a solid public relations victory as they face 20 percent funding cuts in their planetary exploration budget in the coming fiscal year.

As a total fan of space exploration, this writer can only hope that this mornings Mars landing galvanizes the public around the idea that the U.S. still, and must continue to lead journeys into the final frontier.

What’s the Personal Finance Connection?
An important question as this is still Quizzle, the web’s only place to get your truly free credit report and score.

So today’s financial lesson can be summed up in a single word – optimism. It’s easy to see the future as a dreary place. These most recent economic doldrums have cast an unsettling shadow on the coming days and the Quizzle Wire, in our efforts to keep you informed, haven’t shied from relaying to you the truth about the economy, hopefully unvarnished by the sooty din of political punditry and Washington misdirection. That being said, Curiosity’s success and it’s mission to answer the most frequently asked question of modern life, “are we alone in the universe”, is a reminder that our country and its people are still capable of monumental things.

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So, this Monday morning, keep your heads up, look to the sky and give a wave to NASA’s roving science lab searching for life on a far away planet and think about just how far humanity has come in the last 100 years. Truly fantastic.

If you want to check in on Curiosity’s progress, check here at NASA’s live stream for information and interviews.