Meet Farnoosh Torabi

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Meet Farnoosh Torabi, a personal finance expert, author and TV personality with some New York flair. This stylish finance guru first caught our attention on SoapNet’s 2009 reality series “Bank of Mom and Dad,” where she coached young women struggling with piles of debt. Farnoosh is famous for her clever and stylish financial insight.

The New York Times crowned her “perfectly practical” and we could not have said it better. More recently we’ve been loving her segments on NBC’s Today show, and delightfully consuming her blog focused on the latest in mind, money and life. Farnoosh teaches her readers how to live it up, pay it down and become financially independent.

Torabi Makes it Easy
Finances are rarely appealing, but somehow Farnoosh has changed that for me. I find myself looking forward to her blog posts and becoming more and more comfortable with personal finances.

Like Quizzle, Farnoosh understands the importance of debunking credit myths and educating her readers/watchers on what you can do to raise your score. Even more amazing, she is able to talk to you like your best friend, comfortable and familiar. Farnoosh has been around the credit block a few times, so you can trust her advice. With thousands of views on her video shorts and a book on the Amazon best sellers list, this finance extraordinaire shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Recent Favorites
In an article to Heidi Stevens of the Chicago Tribune, Torabi talks about how she planned and executed a budget friendly and memorable bachelorette party with the same advice she gives her followers.

Also, don’t miss her fantastic weekly video series, “Financially Fit on Yahoo Finance”.