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How to Achieve Excellent Credit

How to Achieve Excellent CreditYour credit reports and scores are among the most important pieces of personal financial information at your disposal.

These reports and scores are the written record of your financial dealings—your history of paying bills, getting lines of credit and maintaining them, how much you make and how much you owe, etc.

With these scores, lenders will determine your creditworthiness, and whether or not they’ll approve that home or car loan. With so much riding on your credit reports and scores, it’s important to stay informed on the best ways to build your credit—and protect it.

Since credit history factors so heavily in living the lifestyle you desire, you’ll want to do a little homework; study-up on the best practices to generate strong scores and clean credit reports.

Read the Complete Credit Reports & Scores Guidebook:

CHAPTER 1: Your Credit Reports & Scores

CHAPTER 2: How to Build Credit

CHAPTER 3: Managing & Protecting Credit

CHAPTER 4: Credit Score Facts, Fictions & Secrets

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