Cheating Never Pays

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It’s true.

Our parents teach us to always tell it, our bosses scold us for skirting it, and our loved ones never appreciate deviating from it. There’s no avoiding the truth and cheating never pays – just ask Lance Armstrong.

The world’s most famous, now infamous, cyclist has been officially stripped of his Tour de France medals and has been banned from the sport for life.

Cheating on Personal Finances = Cheating on Yourself
While you may not be in any danger of having accolades taken from you, or your reputation smeared for all of time before the whole world, cutting corners or lying to yourself about your personal finances has severe consequences.

Try to cheat creditors, bill collectors, your mortgage company or anyone even yourself when it comes to your money and you may find yourself without the credit or capital you need to build the life you want.

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I Learned the Hard Way
One of the earliest lessons I learned was, under no circumstances, do you ignore debt collectors – no matter how small or ridiculous you may find the debt to be. Out of principle, because I never ordered, nor received the service, I refused to pay Comcast $150 for Showtime because I never received it.

I asked nicely, I disputed, I threatened, but in the end my tiny debt was turned over to a debt collector who I, in turn, ignored. Little did I know each new day, week and month I chose to stand firm to keep my ego intact my vanity was slowly killing my credit. I told myself it didn’t matter, but when knew that it probably did. Lying to yourself, particularly when it comes to personal finances, only puts you at an extreme disadvantage.

The Credit Doctor
No one enjoys going to see the doctor. They either tell us we are maintaining our health or often force us to confront bad habits. Your credit isn’t any different. Don’t ignore your credit because you think its bad, or ignore it because you think its just fine. Much like your physical health you just can’t no until you pop the hood so to speak.

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