Personal Finance Blog of the Week – Can I Retire

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Quizzle’s Personal Finance Blogger of the Week will tell you, he’s an engineer—not a financial advisor and not a salesman. He’s Darrow Kirkpatrick of, and true to his engineering background, he’s designed and built a solid personal finance blog on three priorities: “simplicity, reliability, and safety.”

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CanIRetireYet, as the name implies, focuses on financial strategies for retirement—both for those just thinking about it at this point, and for those right in the middle of it. Now, it should be noted, it’s really never too early to at least think about retirement, even if it’s decades away. So, it’s important not to confuse a retirement-centered website with one that appeals only to current retirees.

Prudent folks of any age can benefit from Kirkpatrick’s site, which also chronicles his life’s journey, from growing up in a frugal, always-moving, military family to his post-college work in the just-then-emerging personal computer market, and, ultimately, to early retirement. But beyond his own life, Kirkpatrick offers plenty of insights for improving the financial outlook of your own.

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With its priority of simplicity, CanIRetireYet is very user-friendly, easy-to-navigate, and covers all the bases—saving, investing, retiring, and even flowchart-style, visual “blueprints” for other financial projects. I’ll say this, for those who haven’t started thinking of retirement: this site is a good place to start when you do.

For his site and its wealth of engaging content, accessibility, and novel approach, Quizzologists salute Darrow Kirkpatrick of Check it out.