The Greatest Rivalry…

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The greatest rivalry in college sports… just got a little bit greater.

For more than a century, Michigan and Michigan State have battled it out on the field for glory, ultimate bragging rights, and of course, the Paul Bunyan Trophy.

This rivalry already attracts more tailgaters, TV viewers, and sports reporters than almost any other athletic contest, but we thought we would give it more of a kick.

We don’t like to brag, but in honor of rivalries we thought we’d take the time to point out that Quizzle is the only place on the web that gives a free credit report and score. While the score’s important, the only way to understand and improve your credit is to have your credit report.

Our congratulations go out to the folks in Ann Arbor, and even though they enjoyed a narrow victory, everyone has the opportunity to improve their credit. At Quizzle, we don’t care whether you cheer for Sparty or the Wolverines; we want to give you the knowledge, personal recommendations and ability to tackle your credit and take home a victory!

Enjoy the game!