Personal Finance Blog of the Week – Budgets Are Sexy

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Personal_Finance_blogger He stands 6’1″, has a mohawk, and he likes drinking beer: meet J. Money, the man behind the personal finance blog Budgets Are Sexy.

Started in 2008, Budgets Are Sexy covers the full spectrum of personal finance and lifestyle topics – responsible credit card usage, getting out of debt, self-employment, taxes, real estate – and does it all with a healthy dose of fun and motivation. J. Money uses his positive attitude and ADD (his words, not ours!) to make Budgets Are Sexy a thrill ride of a website.

He first started getting his finances in order when he bought a house on a whim for $350,000 when they were only in the market for a rental. This forced him to track his expenses, set up a budget, and of course to start Budgets Are Sexy… and then turn it into a full-time career as a blogger. He also runs the site, a fun giveaway site featuring stuff from either personal collections or from others who want to share their hobby.

With posts like What if You Could Live Off 50% of Your Pay? and Want to Become a Millionaire? Save $5 a Day, you would be well-served to visit his site and sign up to receive his updates. Each month J. Money posts his latest net worth. He started at $58,769; wait till you see where he is now!