Personal Finance Blog of the Week – Lazy Man and Money

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Personal_Finance_blogger He may prefer to get 5 things 80 percent done rather than one thing 100 percent done, and he may not make his bed in the morning, but Lazy Man isn’t really lazy; he just uses his time wisely and chooses to work smarter rather than harder. This week’s Personal Finance Blogger of the Week is Corey, the founder and publisher of Lazy Man and Money.

Corey is one of the old-school personal finance bloggers, having been around since 2006. His blog covers the gamut of budgeting, using credit wisely, investing, and debt reduction, along with his biggest pet peeve – Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scams. He is well-known for being a consumer advocate and helping people avoid financial scams and he pulls no punches in doing so.

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With a brand new baby and a recent cross-country move back to his (and my own) hometown of Boston, Massachusetts, Lazy Man and Money will surely be a great source of personal finance and lifestyle advice in the coming years.

Without hesitation I can recommend you add Lazy Man and Money to your personal finance reading list. After all, his Five Minute Financial Fixes alone could get you started on the path to financial stability right away. So what are you waiting for?