New Airline Fees Means it Will Cost You More to Fly in 2013

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passportairlineticketGet ready, because the next time you buy an airline ticket you may suffer from sticker shock.

In 2013 we will see a bunch of new fees and paid options from most of our favorite airlines. And while we may be used to having to pay upwards of $25 just to bring a bag with us to our destination, airlines are now going to start bundling five or 10 different services into each trip, requiring you to choose some of them as part of your purchase. According to NBC News, airlines may present ticket holders with a choice of a checked bag, priority boarding, seat assignments, a meal, or a lounge pass, requiring a selection of at least a few of them.

By bundling the services rather than charging for them individually, airlines are hoping passengers won’t balk at the extra expense.

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Another way airlines will be looking to dig into your wallet in 2013 is by assigning a “value score” to each paying customer. This score would be based on your frequent flyer status, the number of trips you take per year, and other variables, and would effect how much you would pay for the bundled services. Less “valuable” customers who don’t travel much would probably pay more than those who fly the airline more frequently.

In addition, these services and baggage charges could go up or down, depending on the distance of each flight, according to Henry Harteveldt, a travel industry analyst for Hudson Crossing. He also believes that airlines will also be doing more to partner with hotels and car rental companies during the booking process instead of after making your flight reservation, which could further increase their profits.

So if you’re heading out on a plane trip this year, look out for all those new fees and required service bundles. Choose wisely to keep your ticket prices down!