Quizzle.com rolls out new credit technology, mobile-friendly platform

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newimageIt’s technological advancement at its finest.

It may not be able to change the world, but I’ll tell you what it is doing – it’s changing how Americans see their credit report.

Drum roll, please.

I’m talking about the launch of the new Quizzle.com.

For the last few months, our team of very talented and creative Quizzologists has been hard at work pouring over data, details and user feedback to come up with not only a new site, but a new and improved experience for users.

Quizzle.com rolled out its new site earlier this month with top-notch credit tools, simplified plans and a jaw-dropping optimal viewing experience.

Credit Timeline

“We’re extremely excited about the new Credit Timeline tool,” says Quizzle Project Manager, Kristina Hall. “This tool is Quizzle’s way of organizing all the data on a person’s credit report to help them truly understand how their past actions have impacted their credit over time,” she continued.

New Plans
That takes us to yet another one of the site’s outstanding advancements – Quizzle has bundled its Credit Builder Tools into new, simplified plans. Not sure, where you fit in? No worries, Quizzle recommends the best plan that’s right for you and your situation. Pretty cool, huh? I don’t know about you, but that’s one financial friend I want on my side.

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Optimal viewing experience
Quizzle’s software engineers, developers and design team crafted the new Quizzle to provide easy reading, navigation and a more user-friendly experience – no matter what the device.

“We took a responsive design approach on the new site. Whether you’re signed in from your phone, tablet or laptop, the site will adapt to give users the best viewing experience possible,” said Quizzle Web Designer, Tim Meissner. “We really strived to design an experience for our users that made it easy for them to understand and learn about their credit.”

The wonderful world of mobile is impossible to ignore. It’s growing at the speed of light and advancing more rapidly each day. Director of Information Technology, Paul Price, says it is critical that Quizzle.com continues to keep up with the current demand.

“The decision to move to responsive design was the first step toward accommodating everyone who asks for the “Quizzle App” – rather than creating a native App, we decided to build a mobile site,” said Price. “We didn’t want to miss out on serving our users who access Quizzle from a mobile device.”

And… they’re not done yet
So what does the ‘Big Cheese’ at Quizzle have to say about his team’s latest high-tech improvement? He’s already looking to the future, of course.

“We’re extremely proud of our new site and we want to show it off but our hard work, and dedication to our clients does not stop here. We’re already focused on the future and we’re already busy making something really good even better,” said CEO of Quizzle, Todd Albery.

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