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shutterstock_121764856It’s being referred to as “one of the biggest high-profile security breaches” in recent history, and right now it’s making news everywhere – from the web, to television, to the papers.

Equifax has confirmed that hackers gained unauthorized access to four high-profile people – although the credit reporting agency is not confirming who those people are just yet.

According to ABC News, the confirmation comes one day after hackers posted what they claimed to be the Social Security numbers, credit reports, and personal banking information of a number of celebrities and top government officials.

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The credit reports were reportedly accessed through the annualcreditreport.com website.

And, rumor has it that one of those people is first lady Michelle Obama.

But, maybe it’s not a rumor after all.

In fact, I really don’t know how much you can consider it a rumor when the President himself, confirmed in an exclusive interview with ABC News last night that authorities (U.S. Secret Service) are looking into the issue.

Everyone appears to be steering clear of naming the site where the information was posted, but according to several sources including ABC News, TMZ and The New York Post, the site is Russian based.

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Other people on the hacker hit-list reportedly include Vice President Joe Biden, Beyoncé, Britney Spears, and Paris Hilton.

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