Want Job Security? These 10 Jobs Offer You the Best Chance

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shutterstock_134629157In uncertain times, we all want job security. If you are looking for a job that is likely to be around for awhile, Kiplinger offers 10 of the best jobs for the future — jobs that are expected to grow through 2020.

  1. Registered Nurse: This makes sense. With Baby Boomers aging, a large segment of the population is going to need health care services. Nurses can do a number of jobs, and work in a number of different facilities.
  2. Systems Software Developer: With the world running on technology and computers, it is little surprise that those who can develop the latest helpful software are going to have a certain level of job security.
  3. Plumber: New construction + focus on water efficiency = demand for plumbers. Plus, this is a job that can’t be outsourced. You need an actual person to fix your pipes.
  4. Construction Equipment Operator: Once again, a job that can’t be outsourced. After the budget sequester is sorted, Kiplinger expects this job to take off, since the crumbling infrastructure in the United States needs to be addressed, and that means heavy construction machinery.
  5. Electrician: As more people upgrade their homes, and look for more connectivity (which requires more power), electricians will be in demand. Plus, you can’t forget the interest in smart grids and alternative energy.
  6. Personal Financial Advisor: Now more than ever, people are turning to professionals for help with long-term (and short-term) financial planning.
  7. Physical Therapist’s Assistant: Another health occupation. As aging Baby Boomers need to stay fit and healthy, these assistants will be in demand to help manage the load on physical therapists.
  8. Computer Network Administrator: We need to keep our computer networks working properly, and the need for those capable of combating digital dangers and managing workflow and information will be in high demand in coming years.
  9. Painter: Not artists, but rather those who can paint large structures. As infrastructure is replaced — or at least spruced up — buildings, bridges, and other structures will need to be painted.
  10. Dental Hygienist: People need their teeth looked after, and this is another health profession likely to benefit from aging Baby Boomers.

Many of the jobs on this list don’t require a four-year degree. With a little planning, and the right training, you can make a good wage and enjoy job security — without attending a traditional university.

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