Personal Finance Blog of the Week – Sweating the Big Stuff

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Personal_Finance_blogger Sweating the Big Stuff is run by a mid-twentysomething guy who works in advertising, but you wouldn’t guess it was run by someone so young. The site offers a wealth of knowledge on all things personal finance, with an emphasis on building a sustainable financial footing for the future.

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According to Daniel, personal finance isn’t all budgeting, taxes, and calculating interest rates. Instead of seeing them as boring burdens, he considers it all a challenge in order to get his financial house in order. Whether it’s budgeting to save over $17,000 in a 401(k) or failing at an attempt to save money on movie tickets, personal finance gets pretty exciting.

Chances are that if you are looking for creative ways to jumpstart some positive movement in your cash flow, Sweating the Big Stuff has something for you. Head on over and give Daniel’s site a read, you definitely won’t be sorry.