Quizzle Top 5 Weekly Must-Reads – June 16, 2013

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A collection of Quizzle’s Must-Read Articles for the week ending June 16, 2013:

What are the best ways to save money for those known upcoming expenses that we all have quite often but not necessarily each month? Joseph Sangl has you covered with some great advice.

If you do your own investing, it would be worth your time to read Dough Roller’s article 5 Advantages of ETFs over Mutual Funds. In it, Rob talks about some distinct advantages that ETFs hold over mutual funds that make them a better investment vehicle in many circumstances.

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College student recently out of school for the summer? Chances are you may be looking for a summer job to put some much-needed cash in your bank account before fall. My Dollar Plan has some great advice for finding that perfect job.

Online streaming radio is used by millions of people, but are the premium versions of their plans worth the cost? Money Ning takes a look at Spotify Premium and fills us in.

Warehouse shopping clubs are often the source of debates over whether or not they save users any money. The Dough Roller offers up his tips for the 7 ways you can save money next time you’re in your favorite one.