Quizzle Top 5 Weekly Must-Reads – June 23, 2013

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A collection of Quizzle’s Must-Read Articles for the week ending June 23, 2013:

Like shopping at thrift stores but afraid you never get the best deals? Saving Advice has you covered with their article on the topic.

Cutting your grocery budget is never easy, but sometimes it’s worth it to challenge yourself to see where you can make some savings. My Dollar Plan started a Grocery Budget Challenge to attempt to trim their budget by 15% last month. Interesting tidbits of info on how well they did.

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If you’re anything like us, you probably collect reward points for different accounts: airlines, car rentals, or hotel stays. But what happens to those points when you die? Cash Money Life takes a look and lets us know.

Dumb Little Man wants you to feel safer at home with these 10 home security tips you can implement rather easily.

Got kids? Need some advice on how to motivate them without shelling out money? Money Ning has 7 ways to do just that. Number 1? Trade time for chores.