Quizzle Top 5 Weekly Must-Reads – September 22, 2013

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A collection of Quizzle’s Must-Read Articles for the week ending September 22, 2013:

Lifestyle Design: Choose What You Know Wondering if you are headed down the right path in your career or life? The Finance Buff says stick with what you know and it will work out.

Can You Stop Investing When You Hit Your Retirement Number? Already reached your retirement goals? If so, do you still need to keep saving money? It depends.

Can You Make Six Figures Selling on Amazon? Everyone dreams of making a fortune selling stuff online, but My Dollar Plan has a plan to make it happen. Would you have the guts to try this out?

[Check Your Credit: Don’t Guess. Know.® Get your free credit report and score. No credit card required.

A 401(k) is not an investment Joe Taxpayer asks his readers if he has lost his marbles because of his statement that a 401k is not an investment.

Money 101: Becoming Wealthy is Simple, But Not Easy (Unless You Have These Characteristics) Wealth isn’t something that just shows up one day, at least for most of us. With that in mind, what characteristics are required for becoming wealthy? Free Money Finance gives us some advice.