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fin-con-arcAnd… we’re back! Community Builder Katie Bushor, and I, spent the last few days at the 2013 Financial Blogger Conference (FinCon13) in St. Louis, Missouri.

If you’re not familiar, FinCon is a four day conference that brings together the best bloggers and financial professionals from across the country (and Canada). And, boy did it ever. Katie and I were thrilled to get out of the office and share ideas, stories and advice with other professionals in the blogging community. It was great to finally be able to put a name to a face, not a pen name or avatar.

During the opening ceremony, the announcer guy said there were about 500 people that showed up. And, they were some of the most awesome and creative people that I ever met, I must add.

Quizzle served as a sponsor alongside more than a dozen other sites. Check out Katie and I cheesin’ at Booth 411.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted with us!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted with us!

“FinCon was an awesome opportunity for us to interact with our friends in the blogging community. We were thrilled to be a part of such an amazing event,” said CEO Todd Albery. (Pssttt… Todd if you’re reading this, Katie and I want to go back next year!)

Speaking of the community, we want to give a big shout out and congratulations to this year’s Plutus Awards winners as well as the finalists! Miranda Marquit from Planting Money Seeds (you’ve probably read her posts on the Quizzle Wire) took home the award for Best Blog Contributor and Stephanie Halligan from The Empowered Dollar (she writes for us too) won for Best New Personal Finance Blog. Congratulations, ladies! This is an amazing accomplishment and we are happier than a bird with a french fry to have to you contributing to our blog.

This was my first time attending FinCon and it totally rocked. Not only did I learn a lot, I had the opportunity to talk with so many talented and inspiring people! Here I am with award-winning journalist, Jean Chatzky.

Me and Jean Chatzky

Me and Jean Chatzky

Katie also met a new friend… his name is “Money Wolf” and he travels alongside Agatha from Hey Agatha. Here’s all three of them together posin’ for the camera.

Agatha K., Katie and "Money Wolf"

Agatha K., Katie and “Money Wolf”

We were also lucky enough to be in St. Louis Friday night when the Cardinals whooped the Dodgers 9-0 to advance to the World Series. We got to watch parts of the game from a nearby rooftop. It was out of this world.

Busch Stadium

Busch Stadium

So that’s my little rundown of FinCon13… if you were there I would love to know what you thought!

And, last but not least thanks again to Philip Taylor for putting on such an awesome event. You rock, dude.

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