Monday Motivation: Credit Scores and Your Dating Life

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motivationmondaysmYou’ve spotted a cutie from across the bar. Exactly your type. You get up the courage to walk over and you introduce yourself. And after an easy and playful conversation, you decide that you want to keep in touch, maybe even ask them out on a date in the near future.

“So…” you say. “Can I have your number?”

In the dating world, asking for a cell phone number is relatively harmless. But more and more singles are asking for another number before they get too committed in a relationship – a number between 300 and 850.

That’s right: many of those out on the dating scene and looking for love are now evaluating a person’s credit score before things turn too serious.

What happened to simple criteria like attractive, smart and funny? Why the sudden focus on credit scores when it comes to finding Mr. or Mrs. Right?

Perhaps a struggling economy has increased the importance of smart money management and a solid credit score in the eyes of the dating world. Certainly any singles who’ve dated financial bums in the past (or even those who have turned their own financial situation around) know exactly how bad credit and mismanaged finances can ruin a relationship. A boyfriend or girlfriend with a poor credit score could mean a whole host of issue with money, like an unhealthy shopping habit and a maxed-out credit card. And that financial drama can spill over into other areas of the relationship as well. So a credit score may actually be a fair indicator of whether or not the person you’re dating is financially responsible.

Another reason that more singles are asking for those three magic digits is because it’s becoming easier to access your credit score for free online. In the past, someone wanting their credit score would have to pay a small fee to access that information. Now it’s as simple as logging onto a website like Quizzle and creating an account. And that means the man or woman you love has no excuse not to pull up their score.

Sure, asking a potential partner for their credit seems a bit invasive. Judging a person based on a three-digit number could also come off a little shallow. And yes, asking for a person’s credit score on the first date is a big taboo (that kind of conversation just sounds like an in-person phishing scam). But if things start getting serious, if you and your partner start talking about getting married, buying a home or starting a family, your partner’s finances are going to play a big role. Since money is one of the most common subjects of fights in relationships, it might be smart to understand just what your partner is bringing to the table before you commit.

Want to skip the guess work? Online dating sites dedicated to helping you find a credit-worthy mate are popping up. Credit Score Dating, where “good credit scores are sexy,” let’s you browse singles by credit score, and most of the people registered on these types of site have cream-of-the-crop credit scores to begin with.

Sounds like an excellent credit score is the new tall, dark and handsome.