Carnival of Money #9

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Quizzle is really thrilled to be hosting the Carnival of Money #9 this week. There were a ton of entries to the Carnival, so we picked out a few favorites as “Editor’s Choice” to get you started on the list. Enjoy!

Sustainable PF presents How Mobile Banking Can Help You and the Environment posted at Sustainable Personal Finance, saying, “Thanks to technology, it is possible to stay on top of your banking anytime you want. Not only is this helpful for you, but it can also be helpful for the environment.”

FI Pilgrim presents Avoid Overspending When Throwing A Pity Party posted at FI Journey, saying, “Do you have a tendency to spend money when you are having a pity party? Trying to make up for lost time, or make yourself feel better?”

Natalie presents Finding Out What Makes You Thankful This Holiday Season posted at Debt and the Girl, saying, “This time of the year always makes me reflect on certain things in my life and how fortunate I am for what I have. It also makes me reflect on certain things that I can do to make things better for myself and those that I care about.”

John Schmoll presents How To Travel For Free – Frugal Rules posted at Frugal Rules, saying, “Traveling the world, and doing so in first class style, can be quite expensive. What many overlook is the opportunity to get someone else to pay for that travel for you. Learn how I’ve enjoyed over $100,000 in free travel with no money out of my pocket.”

Danielle presents What you should be Teaching your Teenager about Credit posted at Saving Without a Budget, saying, “One of the basic goals of every parent is to teach their child the lessons they need to know to be able to make it on their own when they become adults. Of all those lessons, one of the best that you can teach to your kids is how to handle credit.”

Graham presents 2014 New Year Resolutions – Update on my 2014 goals posted at Moneystepper, saying, “Maybe I’m being a little impatient, but I started early this year! Check out my November progress!”

Jason presents Olivia Wilde is Having a Baby: What are the first-month expenses? posted at The Money Makers, saying, “Olivia Wilde recently announced her pregnancy with fiance Jason Sudeikis as she is due with her first child in the coming year. Although the couple have declined to reveal their due date, they likely are expecting to set aside a budget for their baby, even with their high incomes.”

Bill Smith presents IRS Forms To File Back Taxes posted at 2008 Taxes, saying, “Even if one is certain there are no mistakes in the forms when following federal tax procedures, a little shiver goes down a taxpayers spine at the very thought of a letter arriving from the IRS.”

Daniel presents Prize Linked Savings Accounts Are Savings Accounts With A Lottery Twist posted at Sweating The Big Stuff, saying, “The lottery is often known as a tax on the stupid. Prize Linked Savings Accounts are winners for everyone, and put the excitement back into saving.”

Gary presents Second To Die, Survivorship Life Insurance – An Estate Planning Tool posted at, saying, “With so many types of coverage and policies available, what makes one kind better than another? Today, we review the pros and cons of second to die, also known as survivorship, protection.”

Bryan presents Fun Jobs That Pay Well posted at Gajizmo, saying, “Tired of stressful 80-hour work weeks? Maybe self-employment or entrepreneurship isn’t for you either? Ever wonder how some people you know make a great living at a cushy, easy job? Check out this list of the easiest jobs that pay well. You’ll be surprised what you find.”

Aaron presents How to Get a Credit Card for Your Startup posted at Aaron Hung, saying, “Some argue that the best way to avoid debt is to pay it down right away. This is not always the case. If you dream of running your own business someday, you have likely weighed the option of using a credit card against using capital for financial needs.”

Larry presents The Best Small Investments for Future Cash Flows posted at KrantCents, saying, “As many of us are averse to risk when it comes to money, here are a few of the best small investment options that are best for your future returns.”

Alexa presents My Work at Home Truths posted at Single Moms Income, saying, “It has officially been one month since I quit my job to work on my online businesses. Over this past month I have had some revelations.”

Justin @ Root of Good presents Three Months of Early Retirement posted at Root of Good, saying, “In this tell-all exposé, Justin reveals the secret life of a 33 year old early retiree. Buying baby diapers in bulk, repairing appliances, tracking spending. It’s all in here folks!”

Matt Becker presents What to Look For in a Disability Insurance Policy posted at Mom and Dad Money, saying, “There are a lot of variables to consider when looking at disability insurance, and with all of the different terms it can quickly get confusing. Today I’d like to explain some of the most common and important characteristics of a disability insurance policy so that you can make a more informed decision when evaluating your options.”

Buck presents Club MomMe Family Fall Fest 2013 Entrepreneurship for Moms Recap posted at Buck Inspire, saying, “Like I mentioned in my Club MomMe Family Fall Fest 2013 Recap, the Entrepreneurship for Moms speaker panel was one hour filled of informational and inspirational stories. The interesting thing was you could not get a more diverse mix of styles and personalities.”

Monica presents It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas! posted at Monica On Money, saying, “I personally have decided to skip Black Friday shopping this year, mostly because in the past I have spent a lot of money on Black Friday for random things on sale that I did not need. It is tempting to buy something just because its on sale.”

Holly presents Avoiding Obamacare: Screw You Guys, I’m Outta Here posted at Club Thrifty, saying, “Avoiding Obamacare has become my goal over the past few months and I think I found a way to do just that. Read about it here.”

Daniel presents It’s Time To Stop Trying to Keep Up With The Joneses posted at Make Money Make Cents, saying, “Keeping up with the Joneses is the phenomenon of using your neighbors as a standard for which to compare your own life and material goods.”

Oscar presents Shop a Little Smarter This Holiday Season posted at Money is the Root, saying, “Tis the season of giving, right? Wrong! It’s more like the season of shopping and buying things for others. ”

Jay presents Five Ways for Parents to Save on Tutoring posted at Daily Fuel Economy Tip, saying, “You may be starting to notice your child’s strengths and weaknesses in school, as far as grades go. There is a solution: tutoring.”

Matt presents How your Upbringing Affects your Money Habits Part 2 posted at Budget Snob, saying, “Something that most people do not realize is that how they were raised as children can actually have a big impact on how they make decisions as adults, especially with money.”

Jack presents Old Fashioned Money Saving Tips that Still Work posted at Money Saving Ethics, saying, “These days everyone is looking for newfangled ways to save money and, in the rush to do it, some people overlook old-fashioned tips and tricks that have been around for ages.”

Amy presents Online and Mobile Retail make Black Friday practically obsolete posted at Money Mishaps, saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, here is a certifiable fact; marking down prices for Christmas is an American tradition. Here is another fact that is a bit newer; today, those markdowns and bargains come right to you at home so there is no need to actually go to the store to get them.”

Lenny presents Frugal Habits that you can Copy from the Rich posted at Best Money Saving Blog, saying, “We put together a number of frugal habits that the upper class have taken to using. Use them yourself and you will build financial independence and long-lasting wealth.”

Hadley presents Do Exchange-Traded Funds have an Advantage over Index Mutual Funds? posted at Epic Finances, saying, “One of the questions that we frequently get is whether or not there is an advantage for long-term investors to use exchange traded funds instead of index mutual funds. It’s an excellent question, to be sure.”

Andrea presents More Money, More Gifts: Effective Ways to Save on Holiday Shopping posted at So Over This, saying, “There are so many people looking to save money during the holidays while also getting the gifts that they want for their family and friends. Fortunately, there are several effective ways that this goal can be accomplished.”

Bob presents How Much Do You Actually Need for Retirement? posted at Dwindling Debt, saying, “It might seem rather difficult to determine exactly how much money you need for retirement, as there are so many variables that come into play.”

Lily presents Money Saving Holiday Shopping Tips 2013 posted at Paying Debt Down, saying, “Did you go so far over budget on your holiday spending last year that you didn not pay off your bills until the Fourth of July? If yes, then this post is definitely for you.”

Katie presents The Secret of Saving for Your First Deposit posted at IRA Basics, saying, “Are you ready to become a homeowner and do not fancy a no-deposit home loan? Then the biggest obstacle standing in your way is the first deposit or down payment.”

Sam presents Not All Mortgages are Created Equal: Three Reasons Why posted at The New Business Blog, saying, “In 2013 fewer Americans than ever put pretax dollars a way to cover future medical expenses but changes in 2014 will make these flexible spending accounts bit more attractive. These new changes will actually give taxpayers a bit of extra time to use their money.”

Marissa presents How to spot a good mortgage broker from a bad one posted at Finance Triggers, saying, “How can you decide if a mortgage broker is a good one or a bad one? The best way is to learn the answers to these questions.”

Marissa presents Conference Planning: Not for the Weak posted at Thirty Six Months, saying, “The days were still long and humid when I first sat down to plan out the idea of Canada’s first fashion and beauty conference in Toronto. My first call was to Anjali, our content and programming Director, who sat down and listened to me without judgement. I was scared. I tend to get these crazy ideas in my head, and recruit people who I think would be great.”

Justin presents 10 Reasons To Consider Small Business Exporting posted at Edward Antrobus, saying, “Exporting used to be seen as something that only the bigger companies really did. These days the process is more accessible than ever before, even to small businesses.”

Alexa presents How to Use a Zero Sum Budget posted at Defeat Our Debt, saying, “If you want to improve your financial health you need to budget. Here is how you can use a zero sum budget to improve your personal finances.”