New Year! New Quizzle! New and Improved Credit Education!

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We’re starting the financial New Year off right (for you and for us) with two new partners and new and improved credit education. So… just how big did we go this time? We went big, really big.

New partners is now the only place on the web where you can get your free VantageScore credit score and an Equifax credit report – every six months.

Meet VantageScore now features the VantageScore credit score. So… what does that mean for you? It means that when you get your credit score in Quizzle, you’re going to see the same score used by thousands of lenders, including the nation’s largest banks, in their credit card, auto lending and mortgage businesses.

Your score is calculated from information in your credit file. That information is divided into six categories, but not every category carries the same weight. The categories are: payment history, age and type of credit, percentage of credit limit used, total balances/debt, recent credit behavior, and available credit. In general, here’s the relative weight of how each category influences your VantageScore credit score.


What’s even more awesome? A more consistent score. The same VantageScore model is used by all three of the major credit bureaus, meaning your score (with this model) will be more consistent across Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

The VantageScore model is also able to score 30 to 35 million more people and you may now be able to get a score, despite having:
• A lack of recent credit activity
• A lack of open accounts
• A minimal credit history

Thinking of making a big purchase or applying for new credit, check your score first in Quizzle and know before you go.

Meet Equifax
Equifax has been in business for more than 100 years and just like Quizzle, they’re committed to bringing you the best credit experience possible.

As a free member of the Quizzle community, you’ll get a full Equifax credit report every six months. You’ll also be able to dispute any inaccuracies directly online with Equifax. When was the last time you checked your credit? Check it now in Quizzle.

Freeze on your credit file? No problem, because it’s YOUR credit report, you’ll still be able to get your full Equifax report in Quizzle. Think of it as a “your eyes only” kind of thing.

More free stuff
Because we’re all about credit education, we’re giving you more free credit improvement tools to help you better understand your credit.

New simplified plans
There is and will always be a free Quizzle account, but for those looking to take control or improve their credit, Quizzle now features two simplified plans: Quizzle Pro and Quizzle Pro+.

Quizzle Pro ($11/month)
• A monthly VantageScore Credit Score
• A monthly Equifax Credit Report
• 24/7 Equifax Credit Monitoring
• Monthly updates to Trending
• Monthly updates to Timeline
• Monthly updates to Score Analysis
• Monthly updates to Comparison

Quizzle Pro+ ($18/month)
• The power of Quizzle Pro PLUS Identity Theft Protection and 24/7 Victim Assistance

Katie Bushor, Director of Client Relations says she’s excited for all the changes happening inside

“Our users are going to love all the improvements we’ve made. We took all the feedback we’ve received over time and made credit easier to understand for everyone – no matter what their credit status.”

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