Frugal Gourmet: Vegetarian Tacos

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frugalgourmetAs someone who’s constantly on the go, I’m usually on the hunt for recipes that be prepared quickly, that aren’t expensive, and that can still deliver a nutritional punch. Some of my favorites that I’ve found along the way include various Mexican dishes and this one from is no exception.

As printed, you can create a fast, simple meal for four that hardly costs more than $9. While the price might fluctuate a bit, there’s a ton of room for interpretation in this recipe. With a bit of creativity and a quick survey of what’s already in your pantry and refrigerator, you can whip up these tasty tacos in no time.


Some of my favorite ways to tweak this recipe include:

• Using a mix of different beans (black, pinto and even hominy work well)

• Adding different kinds of greens

• Throwing in spices such as cilantro and parsley

• Experimenting with different types of cheese

• Forgoing the shells and making a taco salad instead tortilla chips found on sale

• Opting for soft taco shells

• Creating a burrito instead

• Opt for breakfast tacos, using eggs, veggies and cheese as a base

• Moving beyond Mexican and trying different types of cuisine such as Korean BBQ tacos and

Chinese pork tacos

• Using fish or shellfish instead of meat

• Trying different sauces such as mole and poblano

By using what I already had on hand and thinking outside the recipe, I was able to make dinner for myself and my friends for less than $1 each. Delicious tacos that are good for you sure beats anything found on the Dollar Menu!

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