Monday Motivation: Don’t ever pay retail for your clothing!

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motivationmondaysm Technology has made the world smaller, communication faster, and time-wasting games more readily available. And in between tweeting your latest epiphany and watching hilarious cat videos, you can use technology to save some money on your wardrobe.

With an abundance of money saving apps and websites, there is absolutely no reason to pay retail for anything. Everything, except for super classic designer pieces, will eventually go on sale, and rebates and coupons just amplify the savings.

You don’t have to sacrifice quality clothing because of the price, just use the following apps and sites to save money at your favorite stores.

RetailMeNot: The absolute best coupon site (and app!) on the web today is RetailMeNot. With over 500,000 coupons for over 50,000 stores, you are almost guaranteed to find a coupon for the stuff you need. Never buy anything online without first checking RetailMeNot!

ShopStyle: For deep discounts on designer duds, ShopStyle is the way to go! You can set up sales alerts for specific stores, clothing types, or even items. I scored my favorite shirt for $20 under retail after setting an alert more than a year earlier! You can also drill down and look specifically at items more than 40, 50, 60, or 70% off.

Ebates or Fat Wallet: If you aren’t able to find coupons, you may want to consider using a rebate site. For each purchase, you will receive a small percentage back on a quarterly basis. While I’m not a big shopper in general, I receive around $20 a quarter from making necessary purchases, and it doesn’t take much effort at all.

Shopping online is more convenient and can save you more money than shopping in store. Use these sites and apps to save cash on your clothing purchases and never pay more than you need to.

What are you favorite tools for saving money on clothes?

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