Use Your Spouse's Good Credit to Your Advantage

Can I Use My Spouse’s Good Credit?

As an old relationship adage goes, “Opposites attract,” so might your credit scores. Many marriages seem to unite polar opposite credit scores. If your credit score is poor, but your spouse’s is good, is there hope for qualifying for a better credit card, auto loan, or mortgage?

The short answer is, “Yes.” However, there are a few things to consider when you and your spouse are applying for new credit.

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10 Steps to Stop ID Theft Dead in Its Tracks!

Identity theft happens all too frequently. A few careless mistakes with your personal information and you could be in the clutches of an ID thief. How do you prevent identity theft and fraud from happening to you? Here are 10 steps to safeguard your personal information and make sure ne’er do wells don’t snatch your credit identity.

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Holiday Gift Giving Tips

Gifts of Charity: Thoughtful Gifts that Give Back

Ribbons, bows, tags and shiny paper. Boxes of all shapes and sizes, begging to be gently shaken for clues to their contents. These are images most of us envision when we hear, “Happy Holidays!”

Not everyone is so fortunate. Wouldn’t your gift giving be a little bit richer if you improved the condition of folks that need some help during the holidays?

Charitable giving during the holidays can be fun and enriching. Follow these simple tips to maximize your giving.

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