Your New Year’s Financial Resolutions; One Small Bite at a Time

One of the annual rituals around the holidays is a list of New Year’s Resolutions or “how I’m going to change my whole life around to be a better person.” These promises usually involve breaking habits we know are, well, detrimental to us, such as junk food and overspending. We also pledge to exercise more, diet, avoid chocolate, etc. While some succeed at changing their habits and attaining their goals, most fall far short of expectations and then laugh about it with friends or co-workers when comparing notes on how quickly these were broken. Certified Financial Planner Kevin Worthley explains what it takes to actually achieve your resolutions this year and finally get your finances on the right track.

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Education savings

Saving for College: Why You Need to Plan beyond Financial Aid

Autumn signals the beginning of college preparation season, where parents and their high school students gather information about potential college choices, prepare essays and applications, and of course, consider how to pay for it all. Mention college-planning to parents and their first thought is usually how to get (more) financial aid. Find out what financial aid actually means, how it doesn’t always cover all expenses and why you should consider financial aid planning, from Certified Financial Planner Kevin Worthley.

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