Can You Emotionally Detach Yourself from Your Home?

Your House Is Your Home, Your Castle and Your Refuge

Your home may be your castle, but when it comes time to sell it, you have to learn to emotionally detach yourself from it. Otherwise, you may be stuck wondering why potential buyers are walking away and deals are falling apart. Certified Financial Planner, Rick Kahler, explains how to detach yourself emotionally and make the sale happen.

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What “Guaranteed” Really Means in Personal Finance

When you hear, “It’s guaranteed,” what do you think of? Safety, reliability or predictability? Certainly these can all describe a guarantee. However, another side to any guarantee often isn’t immediately visible. Guarantees come with a cost: a higher price, lower return, less opportunity, loss of freedom or commitment. Certified Financial Planner, Rick Kahler, explains what a “guarantee” really means when it comes to your money and if a guarantee is worthwhile.

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Deflation or Inflation: Take Your Pick

The Federal Reserve recently announced they will again start inflating the money supply in hopes of staving off a sustained deflation. Find out why Uncle Sam is so afraid of deflation, what other tools we have in our arsenal to get out of debt and why inflation is the politically palatable option.

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