Warren Buffett, Dennis Gartman & Puggy Pearson

The Secret to Successful Investing: Consistency

Investing can be tricky business. Even for the most well-informed and experienced investors, uncertainties and unpredictable business climates create lots of question marks. In an effort to stem some of the uncertainty, investors are continually searching for the “secret” – the investment strategy used by those who have experienced profound success. If you’ve been searching for that secret, you may be surprised to learn that it can be summed up in just one word: consistency.

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Simplify Your Investment Strategy

Most people agree that 2011 was a tough year for investors. Wild market swings, unpredictable economies and a gridlocked Congress all played havoc with investors’ nerves. In uncertain times like these, the temptation is to move your money from one investment to another, trying to limit your losses. That strategy may make an investor feel better, more in control, but won’t necessarily improve returns. Find out what the best strategy is for 2012 and how to make the most of your investments.

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How to Create a Financial Plan for the New Year

5 Steps to Creating a Financial Plan for 2012

When you think “New Year’s Resolution,” what comes to mind? Most people think of things like diet and exercise plans, relational commitments and career goals. But what about your finances? In the same way that you need to make an effort to keep your body healthy, healthy finances require work, too. Here are five steps to help you plan for good financial health in the coming year.

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Dangers of an Overpriced Home

Dangers of Over-Pricing Your Home

You’ve decided to put your house on the market. You’ve given it a lot of thought, weighed the pros and cons. You’ve talked with your family and together you’ve determined that now is the time.

Before the “For Sale” sign is placed in your front yard, you have some more decisions to make. Possibly the most important is the list price of your house. How much are you hoping to get for your home? What’s fair and reasonable in this market? And what are the risks of pricing your home too high?

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Should You Buy a Home Now or Wait?

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home?

Since the housing bubble burst more than two years ago, families all across America have been holding onto to their houses. Many who considered selling decided to wait, which is good because many who considered buying decided to wait, too. But there are some indications the real estate market is beginning to recover. Depending on where you live, now may be a good time to think about buying (or selling) a home.

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