Organize Your Monthly Budget Planner in 5 Simple Steps

Handling your monthly budget planner might seem unmanageable. But if you learn and practice how to organize monthly bills, you can save time, worry and even money. When you pay bills late, you may suffer numerous financial consequences, like late fees and a hit to your credit score. This can quickly stretch even the best-intended monthly budget too thin. Fortunately, several ways exist for you to learn how to organize monthly bills that do not require learning a lot of new skills or spending money.

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4 Ways to Slash Your Personal Budget Fast

Saving money requires discipline and a positive mindset. You can’t save much if you see everything as a “need.” There are things that you really need, like food, and there are things you want, like bags and shoes, that can be bought at a future time when the economic situation is better and you have excess cash. Right now is a great time to start being more frugal and save cash for unexpected emergency situations. Here’s how to slash some costs fast.

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5 Essential Steps for Filing Bankruptcy without a Lawyer

You don’t need to hire a lawyer to file bankruptcy, but keep in mind that just because you file for bankruptcy protection doesn’t guarantee that a judge will ultimately accept your request. Following these essential steps can help prevent a bankruptcy judge from rejecting your case.

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5 Things You Need to Qualify for a Home Loan

Qualifying for a home loan these days isn’t easy and requires extensive documentation as well as some available cash. But know that some of your financial costs may very well be tax-deductible, so be sure to keep all receipts and obtain detailed accounting from your mortgage lender regarding all costs paid out of your pocket once you close the deal. Here are five things you’ll need to qualify for a home loan today.

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4 Tips for an Easier Life after Bankruptcy

The phrase “easier life after bankruptcy” is not an oxymoron. Following a few tips can make your life much easier whether you filed Chapter 7 to eliminate your obligations to repay debts such as credit card bills, or elected a Chapter 13 repayment plan.

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