How to Make a Lowball Offer on a House

8 Tips For Making a Lowball Offer on a House

Hoping to take advantage of the distressed real estate market and get a great deal on a new home? In many parts of the country, there are more homes for sale than there are potential buyers, putting you squarely in the driver’s seat when looking to purchase a house. There is no precise definition of a “lowball” offer, but it is generally understood to mean a price that is substantially below the asking price or even market value.

To help you find your dream home at a discount, consider the following tips for making a lowball offer.

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Should You Pay Cash for Your Next House?

Pros and Cons of Paying Cash for a Home

Considering paying cash for your dream home? So are more and more people. The number of all-cash deals has risen 25 percent from a year ago, making up 30 percent of May 2011 home sales, according to the National Association of Realtors. These all-cash buyers are typically either trading down for retirement, investors or wealthy folks. Learn the pros and cons of paying cash for a home, and where this is an option for you.

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Should You Buy a Home Now or Wait?

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a Home?

Since the housing bubble burst more than two years ago, families all across America have been holding onto to their houses. Many who considered selling decided to wait, which is good because many who considered buying decided to wait, too. But there are some indications the real estate market is beginning to recover. Depending on where you live, now may be a good time to think about buying (or selling) a home.

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