5 Ways to Save Money on Event Tickets

Are you tired of spending every Friday night at the movies? Or worse, on your couch? We understand. Going out can be pricey and not everyone can afford outrageously overpriced concert tickets, not to mention the price of food and drink once you’re in. But with these savvy tips, you can kiss your sofa goodbye and say hello to fun nights spent laughing at your favorite comedian, singing along to your favorite band and cheering on the Falcons (or your sports team of choice). See for yourself.

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5 Ways to Save Money at the Movies

There are few things more fun than going to the movies for a showing of the hottest new film, bucket of popcorn in your lap and cold soda at your side. There are also few things more expensive than a night at the movies. Nowadays, a ticket can cost you upwards of 10 bucks a pop, and that’s before you even get to the concession stand, where you’re sure to drop another 20 big ones. Don’t let the hefty price tag keep you from enjoying the latest flick. Here’s how you can save some cash at the movies.

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